Doctrinal Statement
  • A Triune God -- One God in Three Persons, The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost
  • The Holy Bible -- The only inspired, inerrant, written Word of God.
  • The Church -- The Universal Body of Christ composed of those born into the Family of God.
  • The Great Commission -- Taking the news of Christ to every person.
  • Holiness -- We strive to separate our lives from the evils of this world and live according to God's will..
  • Heaven and Hell -- We believe in a literal Heaven and a literal Hell and God's Final Judgment.
Our purpose is to worship and serve Almighty God, who through his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, provided salvation and restoration to all who believe with true faith and repentance. We exist to carry forth the mandates of The Holy Bible in spreading the Gospel and building the Body of Christ (Church). We are a fundamental, conservative Methodist church seeking to serve God in any way that we can.
  • We are members of the Southern Methodist Denomination which is headquartered in Orangeburg, SC.